US Figure Skating ReElects CFSC Member

Gretchen Bonnie Gretchen Bonnie as been reelected for a second year as the Coordinator of the Administrative/Legal Group of US Figure Skating and in this role serves as a member of the Board of Directors. She is responsible for oversight of the Audit, Compensation, Ethics, Finance, Grievance, Rules, Sanctions and Eligibility, and Strategic Planning Committees. She is now the second member of CFSC to serve on the Board of Directors. Fritz Meyers, an honorary member of CFSC, was the Midwestern Vice President several decades ago.  Congratulations Gretchen!  You provide our club with important current knowledge about figure skating so that the CFSC Board can better serve our membership.  Gretchen has served as Vice President of our CFSC Board and next year will be the Rules Chair of our Board.

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