Ice Rules

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Rules for Skating or Coaching on Club Ice Sessions

As we move into the new year, the Board would like to take an opportunity to refresh everyone’s memory about the club’s ice rules, which are important for safety and for fairness to our members and guests. 

The university has a mask policy which will be strictly enforced.  Everyone must wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth at all times when in the building.  Skaters may remove their masks when on the ice but must replace them as soon as they exit the ice.  Coaches should also plan to wear a mask when on the ice.  

Failure to follow the policy places the club at risk of losing the ability to rent ice at the university and will not be tolerated.  Non compliant skaters and coaches are subject to having their club privileges revoked. 

In addition to the previously established rules detailed below and due to recent high interest in club ice sessions, we have included a priority list based on contract status and membership type in the event a waitlist for club ice becomes necessary. 

A full list of all the rules is available below.

Please review and understand these rules prior to skating on club ice.

CFSC 2022 Club Ice Rules

  1. Please check in with the monitor when taking or leaving the ice, especially those newer to club ice or those skating outside normal, contracted times.
  2. Treat the monitors with respect; they are parent volunteers that make the program possible.
  3. Except as described below, skaters must be CFSC members with a valid USFSA or Learn To Skate (LTS) USA membership.
  4. Skaters without a CFSC membership but with a membership to another club are permitted to skate up to three times as a trial, after which they must join the club.
  5. To skate independently outside of a lesson with a club approved coach, a skater must be a Basic Level 6 skater or higher.
  6. Credit card payments for punch card purchases outside of the contract registration period or for walk-on payments are not possible at this time. To purchase punch cards or club ice with a credit card during the contract registration process, please visit the contract ice tab on the club’s page at For purchases during club ice, please bring cash or a check.
  7. Please be courteous by remaining aware of the surroundings and yielding to skaters running a program and wearing a neon belt.
  8. Avoid standing in one spot, especially the corners, for any length of time due to the hazard it creates. Skaters will be blindly moving into these areas to perform jumps with the expectation that traffic will be moving.
  9. Report any safety or behavioral issues to the monitor.  
  10. If a skater needs to miss a contracted session, email the ice chair at in advance of the absence to receive credit for the session. Skaters not feeling well should stay home. Missed session(s) will be credited with no questions asked.
  11. In the event that capacity is reached (25 skaters) and a wait list is initiated, full club members with contracts will be prioritized first. Skaters will then be ordered in the following way:
    • Punch card holders with CFSC membership types other than LTS
    • CFSC Members and Non Home Club Members walking on    
    • LTS figure skaters affiliated with the CFSC program, including those with punch cards  
    • Limited LTS Hockey Skaters including those with contracts and punch cards and LTS skaters affiliated with other clubs   
    • Non Member Guests.
    • Within each prioritized grouping, those with lesson(s) will be given access to the ice for the duration of their lesson(s) over those without lesson(s).
  12. Coach assistance with teaching and reminding their skaters of the rules, confirming current memberships and verifying that skater(s) meet the Basic Level 6 or higher standard required for independent skating outside a lesson is greatly appreciated.  Coaches introducing guests to the club should be certain skaters and their parents are aware and willing to comply with the rules prior to their first visit.

Thank you to all who have complied with the rules to date.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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