Ice Rules

Club Sessions at The Ohio State University Ice Rink

As a service to our members, the club purchases private ice at the Ohio State University ice rink to provide dedicated, monitored sessions that are geared towards faster-paced,  multi-directional practice and private instruction for freestyle, moves in the field, and ice dancing. Sessions are limited to a maximum of 25 skaters and are governed by CFSC Ice Rules.  Ice Monitors reinforce the ice rules and play music for skaters, ensuring that all skaters have equal opportunity to have their program music or compulsory dance music played. Skaters whose music is being played wear a neon vest to aid in identifying that they have right of way and should be given the best opportunity to place their program elements without interference from other skaters and coaches. Club members are encouraged to support club sessions but are not required to do so.  Only the skater in the vest has right-of-way. Students in a lesson NOT wearing a vest do not have right-of-way over any other skaters.

Skaters shall read and sign the Safety and Rule Promise before their first time skating at our club ice. The promise should be periodically reviewed together with their pros. Skaters shall be familiar with all the designated jumping corners on the ice and be aware of the ice traffic from all possible directions per the jumping patterns

For the safety of all participants, skaters on general sessions must have passed at least US Figure Skating Basic Skills Level 6 OR be under instruction the entire time they are on the ice.  As part of a continuing trial, skaters of ANY level may skate on a club general session so long as they are in a lesson the entire time they are on the ice.  Pros, it is your responsibility to make certain your students understand the ice rules and right of way. These skaters may use punch cards to purchase “less than entire session” ice time. Members who are still acquiring fundamental basic skills are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous other options to practice on rink-run ice throughout the area. CFSC purchases additional ice to offer our own “Skate With Us” learn to skate group lesson program. These lessons are a tremendous opportunity to obtain affordable instruction in a group setting from our highly qualified skating professionals. Group lessons are open to the general public as well as club members. See the Group Lessons for additional information.

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