Skaters wishing to register for a CFSC test session must register online, effective July 1, 2016.
Each test session will have its own online link for registration, and this link will be posted on the club’s testing webpage approximately 3-4 weeks before each test session.  Announcements will also be posted to the club’s Facebook page when the link is available.
Test fees will continue to be paid with personal checks.  Mailing instructions for payments can be found in the online test application.  Test applications are not complete until the payment has been received by the test chair.
Coach approvals (and home club approval, if necessary) of test applications will be done by e-mail after the test application is submitted.
Please contact the Test Chair at cfsc.testchair@gmail.com with any questions you may have about the new online test application.

Special Testing Notices

Deadline is areceived by date, not a postmark deadline. Applications with incomplete information, INCLUDING missing USFS numbers, will be returned and must be resubmitted by deadline. All tests received after the deadline are subject to a $15 late fee.

  • Coaches, including partnering pros and coaches of non-home club members, must have had their background certification approved to coach or partner students at the test session.

Testing Opportunities at Columbus FSC

  • We offer regularly scheduled sessions every other month, typically in January, March, late May/early June, August, and October. These sessions include moves in the field and free skate through gold, and dance through international. Priority for a session goes first to home club members, then non-home club members, then out of club skaters. Within those groups, priority goes to higher level tests and to graduating seniors.
  • The test chair must receive all applications must be by the posted deadline. Postmarks are not accepted. If you might be late, don’t mail your application. Contact the test chair to make arrangements to deliver it yourself.
  • Test fees are not refunded if a test is not taken, including contingency tests not attempted. You may not test if you have outstanding obligations to your professional or to Columbus FSC.

Test Session Information

  • The schedule will be posted on the Columbus FSC website as soon as it is available, usually a minimum of 2-3 days in advance of the session.
  • Plan to be at the rink ready to skate at least 30 minutes before your scheduled WARM-UP time.
  • Tests are prioritized and scheduled based on judge availability, which may necessitate a skater testing on an alternate day and/or time to be mutually agreed upon by the test chair, skater, and professional. Order of tests, length of warm-up, etc., is not final even after posting.  Changes may be necessary and are at the test chair’s discretion. Therefore, please make sure you and your professional are accessible the day before and day of the test session in case of any changes to the schedule.
  • By submitting an application, you are applying to test at any given time during the session, similar to entering a competition. Personal requests by skaters and/or coaches for times, skating order, etc., cannot be accommodated fairly with the number of tests we conduct.
  • Results will be provided at the first break following your test. Copies will be provided, and originals will remain on file with the club.


  • To give all skaters the best opportunity to succeed, we must maintain a calm and supportive atmosphere in the rink and in the lobby. Success and disappointment must both be expressed quietly since others will be on the ice or preparing to test.
  • Please remember to thank the judges who volunteer their time and have spent countless hours preparing themselves to fairly and effectively evaluate your work. You may also thank volunteers who have contributed to the test session, including those who announced and played music, as well as the coaches for preparing you and your family for supporting your efforts.

What if I can’t test at this session?

We offer sessions at least every other month, and there are typically sessions available in the Columbus area on a monthly basis. In addition, several other clubs, within a short drive, may have a scheduled session that will fill your needs.

If you are a home club member and would like permission to test out of club test session, please email the test chair the following information:

  • Skater name and USFS number (both are required)
  • Test(s) to be attempted
  • Club conducting the test session and date of test session
  • Test chairperson’s name
  • E-mail address where permission is to be sent.

Additionally, a skating test may be offered at a time other than a regularly schedule test session. In those instances, requests to test on freestyle ice (not during a regularly scheduled test session) must meet certain criteria in order to be approved. Most importantly, the skater must provide a description of why the skaters needs special accommodation. Acceptable reasons include, the skater must need the test in order to enter a qualifying competition, must be moving out of the Columbus area, or must be a graduating senior (with additional special circumstances).

All requests must be presented to the test chair. If a request is approved, the professional is responsible for acquiring the necessary judge(s) and for ensuring judging qualifications are met.  Skaters must fill out a test application and provide it to the test chair along with the appropriate fee in advance of the test.

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