Volunteers make it happen! The Columbus Figure Skating Club is an all volunteer organization. And as such, we need help from our members and everyone who participates in club activities – even family and friends who watch an event are invited to volunteer.

Operating a high quality skating organization takes a lot of effort. Together, as the Columbus FSC, we make it happen. Each year we ask our skating families to volunteer 4 hours of their time. Many figure skating clubs throughout the United States require participation as part of club membership. Columbus FSC relies solely on its volunteers to make things happen. We have a proud history of counting on our members to step up when needed. And, with your help we will be able to continue that tradition for years to come.

(Specific upcoming volunteer opportunities are found through your EntryEzee Membership account or through Signup Genius that will be linked here.)

Not sure where you want to volunteer? Click HERE to discover the many volunteer opportunities within the club. Ready to share your time and talents? Click HERE to let our Volunteer Coordinator know.

Each year, you are given 8,760 hours.
Won’t you share 4 of them with Columbus FSC?

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