Ice Overview

About Club Ice

Columbus FSC purchases ice and holds monitored sessions for the exclusive use of its members at The Ohio State University Ice Rink generally late August through early April.  

Current session times are listed below, but exceptions do occur. So please, click on our Ice Calendar for the most up-to-date information. All sessions are general sessions, unless otherwise noted on the ice calendar, and limited to no more than 25 skaters at one time. Freestyle, moves in the field and ice dance may be practiced on club ice. 

Sundays 7:30-9:30am, 9:45-12:15pm
Mondays 6:00-7:45pm, except Jan-late Feb
Wednesdays 6:00-7:45pm

Skaters must be current Columbus Figure Skating Club Members or have a current Learn to Skate USA Membership to skate on club ice. For the safety of all, a skater must be at least at a Basic Skills Level 6 or equivalent to skate independently. Skaters who have not reached Basic Skills Level 6 may skate only with a coach while in a lesson.   

Out-of-town guests are welcome for the duration of their stay in the area. Please bring a copy of your USFS or LTS membership card to present to the monitor. Local skaters, or those considering membership, are permitted to skate as a guest up to three times as a trial.  

Ice Rules
Each skater is responsible for following the ice rules. Please review the rules and accept them prior to skating on club ice. Columbus FSC members will review and accept these rules during membership application or renewal. Guests will receive a copy when they make arrangements for ice time. Questions should be directed to an Ice Monitor or the Ice Chair.

Payment for ice time is possible in one of three ways and the rates are listed below:  

  • Purchase a punch card from the monitor. Each punch card is worth five hours of total ice time broken into 15 minute increments on any club ice session. Punch cards do not expire, are non-transferrable, and may be used at the skater’s discretion.  $90.00 per 5 hours. $9.00 per ½ hour.
  • Pay cash to walk on.  Please note, only cash and checks are accepted. We are unable to process rinkside credit card transactions at this time. $10.00 per ½ hour.
  • Submit an ice contract.  Ice contracts must be submitted and paid in full prior to the specified deadline for each contract period. Contracts, available in the Fall, Winter and Spring, offer the lowest price and guarantee skaters preferred times. Contracted sessions are not refundable, unless cancelled by the club or special approval is granted by the Ice Chair. On approval, make up credits for absences are issued when notifying the ice chair in advance of the missed sessions.  $7.50 per ½ hour.

Monitors are provided for each session to collect money for ice time, play music, and ensure that rules are followed. Since the club, not the rink, runs the session, skaters must check in with the ice monitor located on the far side of the rink to pay for ice or ask any questions. Rink and front desk staff are unable to answer your club questions. Monitors are compensated in an ice credit stipend for their time. 

Not ready for Club Ice?
Members who are still acquiring fundamental skills are encouraged to take advantage of our Learn to Skate Group Lesson Program. These lessons are a tremendous opportunity to obtain affordable instruction in a group setting from our highly qualified skating professionals. Group lessons are open to the general public as well as club members. Visit the Learn to Skate tab for additional information.

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