Our Coaches

Click to Meet the 2019-20 Columbus FSC Coaching Professionals

Would you like to become a Columbus FSC Coaching Professional?

Columbus FSC is a dynamic skating club, and coaching professionals are always welcome to apply to teach on club ice. A coach may be approved at one of three levels: a Senior Coach, a Junior Coach, or a Guest Coach. The Columbus FSC Board reviews and acts on all applications submitted to the Vice President. Click Here to submit your application and/or to ask questions.

All Senior, Junior, and Guest Coaches must be members of US Figure Skating and must meet all applicable coaching certification requirements set out by US Figure Skating. Senior and Junior coaches must also be full members of Columbus FSC. Guest Coaches are approved on a case-by-case basis and for limited coaching privileges. (Click Here to read about US Figure Skating’s coach credentialing process and program.)

If you wish to apply for coaching privileges with Columbus FSC, please submit a skating resume that gives the Board insight into who you are as a coach. Include details like:

  • your highest test levels attained;
  • your notable competitive accomplishments and performance experiences;
  • general coaching experience, such as skating levels coached and significant mentor relationships with elite coaching teams;
  • your current PSA rating or ranking; and 
  • any other skating-related experience that may assist the board in evaluating your suitability for coaching.

Other helpful things to know:

  • Both Senior and Junior Coaches will be asked to teach or assist with Columbus FSC group lessons.
  • Junior Coaches (ages 16+) may teach Learn-To-Skate group lessons only. They may apply for Senior Coach status when they become 18 years of age and have satisfied all applicable US Figure Skating coaching credential requirements.
  • To be included in our Professional Coach Roster, you must be a Senior Coach who is at least 18 years of age. Typically, Senior Coaches will have passed at least one of the following: Senior Moves-in-the-Field, Junior Free Skate, Silver Dances, the 4th Figure test, or an international equivalent.
  • Foreign Nationals must provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States. 

Coaches, if you have updated credentials, please email the CFSC Vice President!

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