Honorary Lifetime Members Biography and Contribution

Columbus FSC extends endless gratitude to these remarkable individuals. Each of whom dedicated their special talents to the betterment of the club and the skating community as a whole.
Thank you!

Floyd Stahl (deceased) was an honorary member. He was the Ohio State University Athletic Director who made it possible for the Club to start skating at OSU.

Albert Prebus (deceased) was also an honorary member. He was an early club president, judge, and test chair. He was instrumental in the adoption of the constitution and at least one revision to the constitution.

Frederick (Fritz) Meyers is a living honorary member. He was a national accountant, as well as USFS Midwestern Vice President. In terms of the Club, he served as accountant for two of our regional competitions, nine summer competitions, a couple of our State of Ohio Competitions, as well as many Holiday Competitions.

Craig Hassler was made an honorary member when he resigned from the CFSC Board in 2011. Craig was presented with Honorary Lifetime Membership at the Club’s Annual Spring Meeting. Craig has been a member of CFSC for approximately 35 years and had served as CFSC Treasurer for 22 continuous years. Craig made many other valuable contributions to the club including helping to build the Club’s original Trophy cases at the OSU ice rink; various jobs related to advancing the many ice shows the club performed; and assisting in the purchase of the current audio equipment.

Dr. Robert Ouellette was made an honorary member of CFSC when he resigned as President of the Board in 2012. His award was also presented at an Annual Spring Meeting. Dr. Ouellette’s history with the Club is spread over 48 years. He has served on the Board as publicity chair, rules and safety chair, test chair, and President at four different times. He was the referee for several summer competitions and assumed various responsibilities for those competitions, including competition chair over the entire nine years that the competition was held. Dr. Ouellette created and refereed the State of Ohio competition, which was held in the Spring at OSU for three years. He was also responsible for bringing a Tri-States Competition to Columbus. Dr. Ouellette has been involved with the Holiday Competitions for the approximately 30 years that it has been held and has served as referee for the competition many times. If that is not enough, he also arranged for two Tri-State Judge’s Schools for Figures, Free Skate, and Pairs to be held in Columbus back in the 70s. His support of and advocacy for the Columbus Figure Skating Club is unparalleled.

On June 23, 2015, at the monthly meeting of the Columbus Figure Skating Board of Directors, the award of Honorary Membership in CFSC was bestowed upon Marcia Ouellette. The exact year that Marcia Ouellette joined the Club is not certain, but she was a member by 1970, which would make at least 45 years continuous membership. Marcia is a past president of CFSC and spent many years as CFSC test chair. She has been a judge for 35 years. Marcia is the individual primarily responsible for the development of the Holiday Competition around the year 1980. Marcia has amazed us with her culinary skills when she served as hospitality for the Holiday Competition in recent years. Her dedication is remarkable: Once, when the hospitality chair became unavailable for the Competition, Marcia stepped up and prepared an elaborate feast for the judges. Not only does she act as judge for the vast majority of CFSC test sessions, Marcia is also the judge the coaches seem to turn to when they need skater’s skills evaluated prior to testing. Marcia is an amazing advocate for CFSC. We are so fortunate to have her as a member of the Columbus FSC!

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