Holiday Competition Volunteers Needed

For those of you who may not know me, I’m Jen Beck (also known as little Caroline’s mom), and I’ll be coordinating volunteers again this year.

Fall is definitely in the air, and many of you are looking forward to Halloween.  But before you know it, the Holiday Competition will be upon us. This year’s competition is December 1st, so it is truly just around the corner. The Competition will run for roughly 11 – 12 hours, starting at 6:30 or 7 AM.  We need volunteers for 3 hour shifts, early morning, late morning, early afternoon, and late afternoon (7-10, 10-1P, 1-4P, 4-end).

We need you to help make it a success. 

It takes many volunteers to provide this traditional event for our skating community. If you are new to the Club, this is a GREAT way to get involved and meet the other members! And don’t fear, we will provide all the  instruction you need. If you are not new to the Club, you know what a fun day this event is, and you have most likely been involved in the past. Please join us again!

What can you do?? There are many positions to be filled!
  • Ice Monitors – keep the list of skaters to be in each event and assure that the correct skaters are on the ice.
  • Registration Workers – check in skaters and coaches, collect and return music, answer questions and sell programs.
  • Announcers – Are you comfortable with a microphone? The announcers state in a clear and accurate voice the skaters’ names and when to begin their programs. They also announce the judging panel.
  • Hospitality Suite – It is the job of hospitality to keep our judges and coaches in top form all day long. We need many helpers to Donate $$, bring in food, to maintain, set up and tear down the Hospitality Suite. We need volunteers in the Hospitality room from 7-9 AM to help set up breakfast; 10-12 N to help set up lunch; and 5-7 PM to help with tear down and clean-up.If you can bring food items or make donations for the Hospitality suite, please contact me also.
  • Music – This year we need volunteers to run the music for the competition. Music helpers would need to spend an hour or two before the competition to learn the equipment and the protocol.
  • Awards – We will set up an awards table, and awards will be presented throughout the day. Runners will bring a list of placements from each event to you, so you can then give awards to the appropriate skaters.
  • Keepsake ornament— We need a volunteer to create and make a keepsake ornament for the skaters.  We’ll have a list of skaters and numbers for you.  This has been a nice touch for the skaters to take with them.
  • JUNIOR SKATERS: You too can be volunteers!!If you are under 12 years old, we need volunteers to make posters for the visiting clubs. If you are 12 or older, we need runners to take results to and from the accounting area, as well as to post results! Please bring or wear BOOTS if you plan to do this, as it requires going outside. It is a fun filled day! If you are interested in participating, please contact  at Rina Saji,
We need a couple of people willing to come in at 5:30 AM to help with early registrations and practice ice.We also need a few helpers with set-up Friday evening and tear down 7-8 pm Saturday.
Once you have decided upon which area you would like to volunteer, please e-mail me,, as soon as possible. (If your child is competing, no worries!  We can work around their skate time once the schedule is out.)
We cannot do this without a great group of volunteers, like you!!  Thanks so much for helping out!
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