Message from Robert Ouellette, CFSC President

I examined US Figure Skating membership information for the 2011-2012 season and determined that the average number of members per club in Ohio is 81. The club memberships range from a low of 23 to a high of 171 – AND CFSC IS THE CLUB WITH 171 MEMBERS.

CFSC also has a large number of U.S Figure Skating judges among its members.  The average number of judges per club nationally is less than two (about 1.7 ) and CFSC has eight.  This number reflects the continued encouragement and mentoring of members over many decades to develop as judges.  As a result of years of training and activity many of the judges in Columbus can judge the highest level tests.  There are five judges certified by US Figure Skating to judge Senior Free Skate and Senior MIF and three of those judges are also certified to judge Gold/International dance.

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