Volunteer Descriptions

Columbus FSC encourages its members to volunteer their time in a variety of ways. Look over our volunteer positions and find ones that match your special talents. You can volunteer today by accessing the General Volunteer Form HERE. Or send an EMAIL to our volunteer coordinator, if you have questions.

Governing Volunteers

Board of Directors – These are full year positions, July 1 – June 30 and are listed HERE. Board members must be members of the club and U.S. Figure Skating at the start of their term.

Nominating Committee – This committee prepares an election slate by first determining whether current board members wish to remain in their positions; then, if needed, it seeks other club members willing to serve on the Board.

Test Sessions, Exhibitions, & Ice Show Volunteers

Music Player – Using the club music system, play each skaters music for her/his program

Ice Monitor – For test sessions, be the gatekeeper of the ice door, allowing skaters to enter and exit for warmups, tests, and programs

Program Creator – For ice shows, create an attractive program detailing the events and acknowledge sponsors and donors.  

Announcer – Using the club’s equipment and provided script, announce the events and skaters, thanking them after each program

Back Stage Monitor – During shows, coordinate the performers as determined by show director.

Costume Team – For ice shows, design, sew, or coordinate the purchase of inexpensive and attractive costumes for group numbers

Public Relations

Website/Social Media Team– Watch for and write up club news items, including .S. Figure Skating news that would benefit club members. Include pictures for a more powerful impact.

Publicity Team – Assist with publicizing club events, seminars, and competitions. Create flyers for posting and sharing

Junior Social Media Assistant – Assist Junior Rep with Instagram page by collecting stories, images, and posts, as needed.

Photographers – Keep a keen eye out for moments that document club activities at test sessions, competitions, and social gatherings. We love to publish these frequently.

Holiday Season Competition Volunteers

Program – Design, create, and publish the official program for the competition

Competition Registration Desk – As the first person to greet skaters and families at the Holiday Competition, you are the face of CFSC. A cheerful attitude and some organizational skills will serve you well in this sometimes high-paced position.  The registration desk checks off competitor names upon their arrival, collects music CDs, affixes proper label, then places them in storage for runners. You also sell programs, hand out goodie bags to competitors, and answer questions as needed. 

Program Music Runner – Take music CDs for each group from the registration desk to the music player. Once events are completed, music CDs are returned to the registration desk for pick-up by competitors. 

Ice Monitor – Competitors must check in with the Ice Monitor before their event. The ice monitor notes their arrival or scratch and uses the communication system to notify others of scratches. The ice monitor also provides access to the ice for practice ice, warmups and programs.

Hospitality – Make sure the judges have treats and meals or a buffet for their long day.  CFSC is known for its delicious offerings. Have a flair for feeding people? This spot is for you!

Food Donors – Treats and food for the judges include cookies and desserts and finger foods. Have a fabulous recipe, sign up to help here.

Event Clean Up – What goes up must come down and that’s true of all the set up for the competition. The clean up crew makes it look like it never happened. 

Event Set Up Team – This is the Make It Happen Team. They move benches and set up tables. They mark areas for retailers, set up judges/accountants rooms, and heaters for judges. They do music and mic checks and arrange the wall space for skate order/results posting.

Sales Areas – Contact persons to come to the competition with items to sell (apparel, hair clips, skate guards, etc.) Plan locations for each group and greet them upon arrival.

Goodie Bag Creator – Skaters love to receive gift bags. Items for the gift bags are collected in advance and can include inexpensive water bottles or pencils/pens with the CFSC name or logo, coupons for local fast food chains, candy, etc… Be creative!

Announcer – The Announcer calls each event and invites the skaters out for warm up, tells the skaters when there is one minute left in warm-up, and then announces the first skater to take the ice. After each performance it is nice to thank the exiting skater before announcing the next skater.  

Music Player – You serve as the Official DJ, playing a skater’s music during the competition. Detailed training is provided, so no expertise is required. (It’s really not hard at all!) 

Results Runner – This job often goes to our junior club members. Running results from the judges to the accounting table and back to the arena to post the results on the board is a great way to get your steps in.

Skates Swaps and Club Apparel

Skate Swaps – Arrange for skate and dress swaps (resale of used apparel and equipment) during one or two group lesson sessions each year. One of the best times for a swap is just before the a Holiday Season Competition.

Club Logowear – Design, source, and promote club logowear items, like official jackets, sweaters, warm-ups, soakers, etc.  Be creative in the assortment of items the club offers each year.

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