G2C Seminar to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio

Dear Skaters, Parents & Coaches: On behalf of the Queen City Figure Skating Club we invite you to join us on Saturday June 1, 2013 in Cincinnati, Ohio for a Grassroots to Champions Seminar.  Our seminar guest coaches are Audrey Weisiger and Nick Perna. If you have never attended a Grassroots to Champions seminar take … Continue reading G2C Seminar to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio

New Dance Gold Medalist

Congratulations, Amber Hunt! Amber Hunt passed the Westminster Waltz, which was the last of her Gold dance tests. Based on our tally, Amber is the 30th Gold medalist in Dance, in addition to about 110 Gold medalists in other disciplines - figures, free skate and Moves In The Field. Those impressive numbers reflect well on … Continue reading New Dance Gold Medalist

March 16th Test Schedule

The Test Schedule is now available. (The Test Schedule was modified slightly after the initial posting. The final version was posted at 11:40AM 3/13/2013.) Please Note: Unless you are in the first warm-up group, testers must be at the rink and prepared to skate one hour prior to their scheduled time. Additionally, there is a … Continue reading March 16th Test Schedule

Cordle Completes A Speedy Series of Ice Dance Tests

Megan Cordle has passed the Preliminary, PreBronze, Bronze and PreSilver dances - a total of twelve dances in just two weeks. As you might imagine, this is an unusual accomplishment. Megan wants to compete at the Intermediate level in solo dance this season and is now qualified. Congratulations to Megan, her family, and her dance … Continue reading Cordle Completes A Speedy Series of Ice Dance Tests