National Solo Dance Final 2022 in Valencia, CA

The National Solo Dance Final 2022 is fast approaching and we have had several members qualify for the event! Taking place in Valencia, CA, the Figure Skating Club of Southern California will be hosting from September 7, 2022, through September 10, 2022. Throughout the season each skater has gone to multiple competitions across the country to earn points in order to qualify for the Final! See below for each qualifying skater and their events:

Home Club Members:

Laura Drake: Junior Solo Combined Dance and Pre-Gold Solo Pattern Dance

Mallory Fogt: Silver Solo Pattern Dance

Miwa Davis: Intermediate Solo Combined Dance and Pre-Silver Solo Pattern Dance

(Left to Right) Mallory Fogt, Laura Drake, and Miwa Davis

Ohio State University FSC Associate Members:

Faith Mlachak: International Solo Pattern Dance

Jess Sassano: Senior Solo Combined Dance

Leah Grieco: Gold-International Shadow Dance

(Left to Right) Faith Mlachak, Jess Sassano, and Leah Grieco

Congratulations to all skaters and best of luck!

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