7 CFSC Members Head to the 2021 National Solo Dance Final

It is with great excitement that Columbus FSC highlights 7 of our athletes who qualified for the 2021 National Solo Dance Final! All 7 qualifiers are coached and/or choreographed by long-time Columbus FSC coach, Annette Schaefer. Pictured below are our incredible competitors (in order of solo appearance) McKenna, Mallory, Leah, Miwa, Claire, Faith, and Laura.

Keep your eye on the results this week as our ladies compete in the following events:

McKenna Martin – Juvenile Solo Combined Dance & Pre-Silver Solo Pattern Dance

Mallory Fogt – Pre-Silver Solo Pattern Dance

Leah Grieco – Gold Solo Pattern Dance & Gold-International Shadow Dance

Miwa Davis – Juvenile Solo Combined Dance 

Claire Schweitzer – Preliminary Solo Pattern Dance

Faith Mlachak – International Solo Pattern Dance & Gold-International Shadow Dance

Laura Drake – Novice Solo Combined Dance & Silver Solo Pattern Dance

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