A November Thank You!

Columbus FSC hosted a successful and safe test session on Saturday, November 8th in Newark, Ohio.

So many Thank Yous!
First, thank you to the judges, coaches, skaters, and their families who traveled to Newark for the club’s first test session in nine months – and our first test session not held at OSU since ????? (anyone know this trivia?).

Deep gratitude also goes out to our Newark families. Their generous volunteer efforts made the test session smooth and covid-safe for all in attendance. Andy Schall, Dan Housman, and Suki Christy played music. Chrissy Schall, Kim Geiger, and Ailene Nash helped with registration/health screening. Ella Schall, Charlet Geiger, Rosie Christy, Kaitlyn Nash, and Hannah Housman were fantastic runners. Many, many, many thanks to Kristan Hausman for coordinating all the volunteers. And a final thank you goes to Lindsay Kidwell for her creative and wonderful hospitality for the judges.

The club is pleased announce that 46/53 tests were passed at the Newark session and is thrilled to congratulate our two new Gold Medalists.

Nekoe Baumgartner passed her Senior FreeSkate at the Newark Test Session.

Hannah Faulkner passed her Senior Moves In The Field at South Dayton FSC’s test session on November 15th.

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