Focuses on Solo Dance

On July 15, 2020, (IDC) released the first of five articles in a series highlighting the decade long impact of Solo Dance. Daphne Backman, IDC’s owner and Editor-in-Chief, shared with CFSC’s publicity chair Livvy Shilling:

“While we have been dealing with the pandemic and lack of skating, Anne came up with the idea to showcase solo ice dance at first as one article, but now it’s grown into a series. The next article is on some of the coaches that are involved in the sport. We’ll also have articles that contain quotes from solo dancers who are still active in the sport or now have partners.”

Daphne Backman

Anne Calder, a journalist for IDC, wrote that she “started this project with an interview of a local Arizona dancer whose mom I met when I was volunteering for MLB Spring Training this past March. Crazy!!  Since then it has just grown into a series with possibly five articles.”

Columbus FSC is so proud of our growing Solo Dance program and the accomplishments of past and present CFSC Solo Dancers!

Check out‘s first two articles and watch their site for the rest of the series.

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