Gold Judge- Jennifer Barrett

Jennifer Barrett received her Gold Free Skate/MIF judge’s appointment in March, 2019.  She is the 7th Gold Judge among our current CFSC members.  For comparison, there are only 15 other Gold judges distributed among the other 26 clubs in Ohio.  If all of the surrounding states (Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania) are included, only the Philadelphia Skating Club and Humane Society (the nation’s oldest skating club founded in 1849) currently has more gold judges than CFSC.

Our club is fortunate to have individuals such as Jennifer who have worked to receive judges’ appointments.  She started the education process four years ago to qualify as a Bronze test judge (the first judging level), then advanced to her Silver and Gold level appointments.  

Our test sessions frequently have “extra” people at rink side.  These are trial judges who are working towards their next judging appointment.  Trial judges independently evaluate the test (just like the official judges on the test panel), but their scores are not used to determine whether the test is a “pass” or a “retry”.  Instead, their scores and comments are evaluated by their judge mentor/advisor to confirm that the trial judge has the appropriate knowledge of the passing standard for each test and can apply that knowledge to tests accurately and consistently.

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