CFSC at Eastern Great Lakes Regionals

Great skates from out club members at EGL Regionals this weekend!

Livvy Shilling and Alexander Petrov finished in 1st with a score of 144.41 in Senior Dance Final

Ella Wingler is the Intermediate Ladies Regional Champion with a score of 106.83. Lilah Gibson followed in 2nd with a score of 100.76. And Samantha Lee finished in 6th with a score of 86.07. Alicia Deng had a strong performance in Intermediate ladies qualifying rounds.

Alison Yan finished in 3rd with a score of 100.05. Kendall Hackler and Gracelyn Thomas finished strong in Novice Ladies.

Ian Hill finished in 4th with a score of 64.77 in Intermediate Men.

Zachary Fogt is the Juvenile Boys regional champion with a score of 35.82.

Nicole Peterman and Rosie Canter both had a strong finish in Junior Ladies.

Cecilia Donohue finished in 2nd with a score of 56.43 . Both Miwa Davis and Vlada Kiryukhin had solid performances in Juvenile Girls.
We have 7 skaters advancing to sectionals. Ella, Lilah and Samantha will compete in Intermediate Ladies. Alison will compete in Novice Ladies. Zachary will compete in Juvenile Boys. Ian will compete in Intermediate Men. And Cecilia will compete in Juvenile Girls

Stay tuned for non-qualifying results, as well as details on the upcoming sectionals!!

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