Day 4 EGLR Recap

All qualifying events have completed at EGLR today. We have some great news to share. Samantha Lee won Juvenile group A with the impressive score of 54.34. Lilah Gibson (41.10) placed 4th in Juvenile group B. Both girls advanced to the final round on Saturday. Sreya Sakhamuru (30.02) and Caleigh Barnard (26.82) placed 9th and 11th respectively in Juvenile group C. Caroline Beck (32.37) got 7th in Juvenile group D.

In Novice Ladies, Abigail Schmitt (53.54) place 7th in group A and made her way to the finals. Cienna Baka (49.54) and Rosie Canter (44.38) placed 9th and 13th in group B.

Junior Ladies SP, intermediate Ladies SP, and Senior FS will be tomorrow. Follow icenetwork to cheer for our skaters.

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