6 Gold Medalists from one test session!

Congratulations to all the skaters who passed their tests today! CFSC could not be more proud right now because we have 6 new gold medalists from 3 figure skating disciplines! What a great way to kick off the new skating season!

Also be sure to visit our updated Gold Medalist page!

Gold medalists in Moves In the Field: Katelyn Fetherolf and Kendall Hackler (coached by Svetlana Khodorkovsky)








Gold medalists in Free Skating: Rachael Bachman (coached by Kristen Izzie), Vivian Chen and Chi Yamakawa (coached by Svetlana Khodorkovsky)









Gold medalist in Pattern Dance: Jackie Tu (coached by Annette Schaefer)








Congratulations girls, all your years of hard work and dedication paid off today!

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