EGLR Day 5 Recap

EGLR wrapped up at Fort Wayne today! Congratulations to Hannah Miller (6th place in Open Juvenile Girls Final), Grace Bond (9th place in Juvenile Test Track Group A), and Monmita Chakrabarti (6th place in Juvenile Test Track Group B). Job well done, Ladies!

Columbus FSC Club excelled in Fort Wayne this year. Five competitors qualified to Midwestern Sectionals in November at Strongsville. Our club had the most skaters qualify for Sectionals among all the participating clubs. This is truly amazing!

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  1. You did not mention the performance of CFSC member Kelsey Turner who, along with Hannah Miller, skated in Open Juv group B yesterday. She is a member of CFSC and should be added to EGLR day 4 recap. Thanks.

    Free Skate, Open Juvenile (Girls, B) Event #24 Tuesday, October 20, 2015 5:25 PM Rink 3

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