EGLR Day 3 Recap

Today was a very exciting day for Columbus Figure Skating Club. Alexie Mieskoski and Livvy Shilling dominated the Senior Ladies Freestyle event, taking gold and sliver medal respectively. Also congratulations to Lindsay Ream for her the 9th place finish in this event.

EGLR Senior Podium







Also an amazing job to all CFSC skaters that competed their short programs today! Ani Kahaian (9th), Cienna Baka (18th), and Kamryn Keller (19th) performed wonderfully in the Intermediate Ladies Final SP! Nekoe Baumgartner finished 8th with an amazing skate in a tough group of Novice Ladies Final SP! Rebecca Dashevsky (4th), Jackie Tu (5th), Vivian Chen (8th), and Rachael Bachman (15th) all had fabulous skates in the Junior Ladies SP Event.

Congratulation to Alicia Deng who placed 2nd in Pre-Preliminary Group A. Good luck in finals. Pheobe Anderson placed 4th, missed finals by one place. Serya finished 8th in Pre-Juvenile Group D. Great job girls!

Event Preview for tomorrow

Kendall Hackler, Samantha Lee, Lily Yu, and Alison Yan in Juvenile Girls final

Cienna Baka, Ani Kahaian, and Kamryn Keller in Intermediate Ladies CR FS

Nekoe Baumgartner in Novice Ladies CR FS

Dasha Chalenko, Rachael Bachman, Vivian Chen, Rebecca Dashevsky, and Jackie Tu in Junior Ladies CR FS

Non-qualifying events will continue tomorrow.

Lilah Gibson in Preliminary Group A

Caleigh Barnard in Preliminary Group C

Derin Ertin in Preliminary Boys

Julia Pinkerton and Momoka Stroup in Open Juvenile Group A

Hannah Miller and Kelsey Turner in Open Juvenile Group B

Dream big, skate great and have fun!

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