Great ice time available at OSU ice rink on Monday and Wednesday evening

With Regional competition approaching, ice is getting more and more crowded, which makes program practice harder than usual in any given day. If you would like some relatively empty ice to go through your routines, you should consider to come to OSU ice rink on Monday and Wednesday evening. Our monitor is always there from 6 to 7:30 PM to help you play music. There is less chance for a basic skill skater to get your way since they are only skating under their coaches’ supervision all the time on our club ice.

Our club ice runs every Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6 to 7:45 pm, as well as Sunday morning from 7 to 11:45 am at OSU rink with a few exceptions (See club ice page). This is one of the services we provide to our skaters. Club purchased ice time from OSU ice rink in advance and this ice time is monitored and only opened to our club members. Currently, the club ice has not been used effectively, especially in these two weekday evenings. When talking about improving the usage of club ice, we would like to re-emphasize members’ responsibility to the club. Columbus figure skating club is a non-profit organization. Not like many other skating clubs, volunteer time and club ice usage are mandatory to their members. Instead, we truly depend on some members’ generous contribution with their time and monetary donation. To sustain a club for a long run, we need everyone’s participation. Please consider to use club ice on these two evenings. This is a win-win situation. You will have less stressful skating atmosphere. In the same time, you help the club so that the club can better service you in the future.

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