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Former CFSC Member Judges Worlds

Tina (Stephan) Lundgren will be a judge at the World Championships in Japan this week judging the Women’s event.  Tina earned her Gold Medal in both Figures and Free Skate in 1977 at age 12 while a member of CFSC.  After coaching while in college at OSU, she turned to judging and became a National Judge while still residing in Columbus.  Moving on to New York City, she became an International Judge and then a World Judge.  Her training both as a skater and a judge with CFSC provided her the background for this accomplishment.

S.T.A.R.S. Coming to Columbus

S.T.A.R.S. is coming to Columbus on Sunday, May 18th at the Hyatt Regency!!! Link to info & registration:  Registration deadline is May 4th.

The S.T.A.R.S. program is fun and challenging opportunity for all skaters.  Objectives include:

  • Promote and enhance athleticism and athletic ability in all young figure skaters through assessment, recognition and opportunity
  • Reduce the rate of injury across all figure skating disciplines and competitive levels
  • Identify skaters who demonstrate exceptional aptitude for athleticism
  • Assist coaches and parents in developing and guiding their skater’s potential
  • Connect  skaters, coaches, and parents with qualified strength and conditioning  specialists in their region and around the country

2014 SEGL Sportsmanship Award Winner

Congratulations to Livvy Shilling who won the SEGL Sportsmanship award this year. Each year, member clubs of SEGL (South Eastern Great Lakes) are eligible to nominate a club member for the award. The Columbus Figure Skating club council requests names of skaters to be  considered for nomination by our club. Qualities considered include: leadership, sportsmanship, spirit, perseverance, and industriousness. This year the members presented for nomination were:  Alex Magnuson, Anya Cohen, Caroline Nickerson, and Livvy Shilling.  All four nominees are excellent examples of sportsmanship, but the club can submit only one nomination.  It was a very difficult decision and the council selected Livvy for nomination from our club.

2014 SEGL Sportsmanship Award