Exciting Test Session Today!

What a way to start off our tests for 2013!

Jackie Tu and Alex Magnuson passed their PreJuvenile Pair test today. CFSC has not had a pair test for about 35 years. Cindy Bailey and Andrew Ouellette passed a series of pair tests, including the Junior Pair test in the mid 1970s. They competed in Junior Pairs in Regionals and Sectionals.

Other notable tests include Nina Stute, who passed the Senior MIF – another gold medalist. In dance, Amber Hunt passed the Argentine Tango of the Gold Dances, and Aliyah Cohen passed the Quickstep of the Gold dances.

Congratulations to these and all skaters, coaches, and parents involved in testing today. And, as always, an enormous thank you to our volunteers and judges for another great test session.

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