Congratulations Jennifer Tieche!

Jen passed her 6th Figure Test today.

The test takes about one hour, and the skater does 10 figures (circular patterns on the ice with turns placed at designated places). After each figure, the skater returns to a practice area to prepare for the next figure. Meanwhile the three judges, who are on the ice with the skater, examine the quality of the edges, the repetition of the circle or serpentines, pace the circles to determine the symmetry and size, examine the turns and lots of small details.

Figures are a demanding exercise. In another era it was common for skaters to skate two figure sessions a day to perfect their skills which only then was followed by a session of free skate. Because figures were so difficult, the number of skaters in regionals was much smaller. Rather than 130 or so Intermediate Ladies there might have been only 30.Columbus has three judges that can judge high level figures. Barbara Holland and Bob Ouellette can judge through the 8th test, and Marcia Ouellette can judge through the 7th test.
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