CFSC Regional Exhibition Competitors

CFSC Regional Competitors

A special showcase of Columbus’ great skaters

On September 23rd, Columbus skaters gathered for a Regional Exhibition. In attendance, were long time supporters of these young skaters. You know, the parents who drive to the rink at 5:45am and share in the excitement of competition. The judges who watch with trained eyes and carefully give a “pass” or “retry” during a test session. The coaches who critique a skater’s best work and yet still offer a shoulder of support when its hard. And the friends who question why, once again, you’re going to bed early on a warm summer night.

They were all there to watch you shine. And they are proud of you!

October 5 – 9 is the 2013 Eastern Great Lakes Regional Competition to be held in Ann Arbor Michigan. Good luck to all our competitors.

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