More Ann Arbor Results!

We have another result in from the resent Ann Arbor competition.

Chelsea Forrest Ann Arbor Results

High Beginner CM Group B – 7th

High Beginner – Group C – 6th Place

Congratulations Chelsea!


Test Schedule for Saturday, March 24th

The OHSAA boy’s basketball state tournament will be held at the Schottenstein Center this weekend, and $5 event parking will be in effect for the lots around the ice rink.  If you have an OSU parking hang tag, make sure to have it in the vehicle – it may save you the $5.  This is a large event, so plan for traffic/parking delays and arrive early.  We will not be able to accommodate your skater if he/she is not ready to test at his/her assigned time.
Please also be aware that the dance tests tend to move quicker than the schedule suggests, so if your skater is in one of the warm up groups after 12:30pm, being there early is crucial.
Please either check the Testing page or click on the link below to view the schedule.

Past Membership Numbers

Here’s some more interesting info about our club you may not know provided by our good friend Bob Ouellette.

Marcia is involved in cleaning out the home of a past member of CFSC from the 1990s who is recently deceased.  This person had rosters that have some membership information that I thought would be worth sharing.  I wish that I had kept material from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s but I didn’t want to have clutter for my children to have to clean up.  The numbers of members by year are:

1990     81

1991    87

1992    126

1993    147

1994    169

1995    210

1996    239

1997    219

1998    186

CFSC at the Olympics

Some fun facts about our club:

Sharon Rogers and Tina Lundgren, former members of the Columbus Figure Skating club in the 1970s – 1980s, will be at the Olympics in official capacities. Sharon will be a judge for the ice dancing events and Tina will be there as the USFSA team leader. Both are International/World Judges. Sharon, who was an adult skating member and a Board member in 1980, started judging with the club while working for a Ph.D. at OSU. Tina passed her 8th Figure Test (Gold) and Senior Free Skate at age 12 in 1977. She later became a judge with CFSC and reached the rank of National Judge before leaving Columbus.