Test Schedule

The test schedule for January 27, 2018 is up and ready. You can access it by looking on the Testing page of this website, or by simply clicking the link below.  Good luck to all the skaters who are testing!

Test Schedule


Results for Sunday’s Skates

Here are the non-qualifying results for Sunday:

Pre-preliminary girls

Group A–Anna Chen–7th
Group B–Vlada Kiryukhin–2nd
         Hannah Faulkner–5th
         Miwa Davis–7th

Preliminary girls

Group A–Ella Wingler–4th
       Allison Young–5th
Group B–Abigail Li–9th
Group E–Rena Bilenko–1st

Preliminary boys-

Zachary Fogt–1st


Group A-Cecelia Donohue–tied 1st
Group B–Alicia Deng–1st
        Phoebe Anderson–9th
Group E — Ian Hill — 5th