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New Gold Medalists

Congratulations to our three new gold medalists: Nina Stute, Marina Nesbitt, and Caroline Beck! Nina passed her Senior Freestyle test, and Marina and Caroline passed their Senior Moves in the Field tests last Saturday. So far CFSC has 137 gold medalists in our record and more to come.



March 11th Test Schedule Is Posted on Testing Page

March 11th test schedule is posted. Please be aware that the high school state wrestling championships are being held at the Schottenstein Center the same weekend, so there will be heavier than normal traffic, and event parking will be in effect for the parking lots around the rink. Please allow extra time.
The session is filled to the max, so it is imperative that we keep the tests moving along and not get behind schedule.  Be prepared to start exactly at 3:15, and it’s possible we may put the first warm-up group on the ice a few minutes before 3:15 pm. So be there earlier!