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Day 5 EGLR Recap

We again had some exciting news in East Lansing today. Congratulations to all the CFSC skaters who competed today!

Senior Ladies FS completed. Lyndsay Ream got 8th place and Isabel Kalafatis got 9th. Great job ladies!

Lily Yu won Intermediate Ladies SP event. Alison Yan, Kendall Hackler and Kamryn Keller placed 11th, 14th and 17th in this final SP. For Novice Ladies SP, Abigail Schmitt placed 10th. In Junior Ladies SP, Ani Kahaina and Marina Nesbitt placed 6th and 15th. Good luck to all of our skaters tomorrow!




Day 4 EGLR Recap

All qualifying events have completed at EGLR today. We have some great news to share. Samantha Lee won Juvenile group A with the impressive score of 54.34. Lilah Gibson (41.10) placed 4th in Juvenile group B. Both girls advanced to the final round on Saturday. Sreya Sakhamuru (30.02) and Caleigh Barnard (26.82) placed 9th and 11th respectively in Juvenile group C. Caroline Beck (32.37) got 7th in Juvenile group D.

In Novice Ladies, Abigail Schmitt (53.54) place 7th in group A and made her way to the finals. Cienna Baka (49.54) and Rosie Canter (44.38) placed 9th and 13th in group B.

Junior Ladies SP, intermediate Ladies SP, and Senior FS will be tomorrow. Follow icenetwork to cheer for our skaters.

Day 3 EGLR Recap

What another successful day for the CFSC! Our 4 intermediate ladies all advanced to the final round! Allison Yan (55.41) won group A. Lily Yu (63.52) and Kamryn Keller (49.94) placed 2nd and 4th respectively in group B. Kendall Hackler (52.71) placed 4th in group D. Their final two events will be on Friday and Saturday. Good luck to all!

Our senior ladies, Lyndsay Ream and Isabel Kalafatis, got 8th and 9th place in their Short Programs. Senior ladies free skate will be on Friday afternoon. Good luck in the free skate!

EGLR will continue with Novice Ladies and Juvenile Girls qualifying events tomorrow. We have Abigail Schmitt in Novice ladies group A; Cienna Baka and Rosie Canter in Novice ladies group B. For Juvenile, we have Samantha Lee in group A, Lilah Gibson in group B, Caleigh Barnard and Sreya Sakhamuru in group C, and Caroline Beck in group D.


Day 2 EGLR Recap

We have exciting news from East Lancing, Michigan! our CFSC skaters did awesome today.

Ella Wingler won pre-preliminary final

Laura Drake got 3rd and Alicia Deng placed 6th in preliminary final

Ian Hills placed 1st in preliminary boys.

Qualifying events will start from tomorrow. The live stream will be on starting from 8 am. Our intermediate ladies will compete first. We have Alison Yan in Group A. Kamryn Keller and Lily Yu in Group B. Kendall Hackler in Group D. Senior Ladies Championship run (SP) will also start tomorrow. Lyndsay Ream and Isabel Kalafatis from our club will compete in this event. Stay tune.

Day 1 EGLR Recap

Congratulations to all of the CFSC members who competed today! Each and every one of you girls did great! We are so proud of our skaters!

Ella Wingler got 4th out of 13 in pre-preliminary group A

Allison Young placed 6th out of 13 in pre-preliminary group B

Rena Bilenko placed 6th out of 14 in pre-preliminary group C

Cecilia Donohue placed 14th out of 17 in preliminary group A

Laura Drake placed 1st out of 16 in preliminary group B

Alicia Deng placed 3rd out of 16 in preliminary group B

Phoebe Anderson placed 11th out of 16 in pre-juvenile group A

Hannah Miller placed 11th of of 15 in open Juvenile group B

Ella, Laura, and Alicia advanced to the finals tomorrow. Good luck girls!

CFSC Regional Luncheon

The CFSC Regional bound competitors gathered at California Pizza Kitchen today for our annual Regional luncheon! Skaters exchanged gifts and good wishes at this club tradition:) The exhibition will be tomorrow morning at 9:45! Hope to see you all there!








Front row: Ian, Lily, Samantha, Alison, Phoebe, and Alicia,

Middle row: Jackie and Ani

Back row: Hannah, Marina, Julia, Lyndsay, Cienna, Kamryn, Rosie, Caleigh, Kendall, and Caroline.