Monthly Archives: August 2016

Congratulations to our New Gold Medalist Rebecca Dashevsky

CFSC had another successful test session with 39 passed tests! Congratulations to all skaters and their coaches who passed yesterday. Thanks all the volunteers who helped to make the event running smoothly, and a special thanks goes to our test chair Tricia for updating the results on USFSA site so that our skaters can beat the Regional registration deadline.

And, Rebecca Dashevsky passed her senior freestyle yesterday. Congratulation to Rebecca!!

Rebecca Senior Freestyle

End of Summer Potluck

Even with the rain and all the last minute changes, the CFSC celebrated the end of summer with a potluck at the Chiller-we seem to never be able to get away from the rink:)







(Top left): Celine, Kamryn, Kelsey, Alex, Janie, Jackie, Rachael, Vivian, Rina

(Middle left): Derin, Caitlyn, Rosie, Angelina, Alison, Abagail, Hannah, Ani

(Bottom left): Anna, Ella, Alicia