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New Gold Medalists from June Club Test Session

We had yet another successful test session today at the newly upgraded OSU ice rink!! Congratulations to all the skaters, along with their coaches, who passed their test(s) today! We are also very proud to announce that we have two new gold medalists; Momoka Stroup passed her senior moves in the field, and Jackie Tu passed her senior freestyle (she is now a triple gold medalist)!! Congrats girls!

Momka Stroup with coach Mary Anne Williamson
Momoka good MITF






Jackie Tu with coach Mary Anne Williamson

Jackie Senior FS







Also as stated above, the OSU ice rink has recently been remodeled and is now in wonderful condition! If you have not skated there yet, come to experience the new and improved rink!!

Skaters take on Finding Dory

On Friday afternoon some CFSC skaters went to the AMC at Easton to watch the highly anticipated Pixar production of Finding Dory! What better way to kick off summer than with an amazing movie and even more amazing friends!









pictured: (top left to right) Kamryn, Jackie, Ani, Janie, Julia // (bottom left to right) Alison, Angelina, Ella, Caleigh

Senior bulletin continues

The Senior Bulletin is updated and includes all the senior stories we received. Some of the seniors will continue their studies in Ohio while others will embark on a journey out of state. We wish them the best of luck in everything they do in the future! Congrats again to the graduating class of 2016!