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Midwestern and Pacific Coast Sectionals recaps

Congratulations to all CFSC members who competed at Sectionals today and good luck in your events tomorrow.

Joy Davis and her partner Garrett Udell, 7th place in Intermediate Dance (Pacific Coast Sectionals)

Alex Magnuson, 10th place in Novice Men SP (Midwestern Sectionals)

Livvy Shilling, 8th place in Junior Ladies SP (Midwestern Sectionals)

Vivian Chen, 11th place in Junior Ladies SP (Midwestern Sectionals)

Alexie Mieskoski, 5th place in Senior Ladies SP (Midwestern Sectionals)

Cienna Baka, 11th place in Juvenile Girls FS (Midwestern Sectionals)

Great job, CFSC skaters!

Congratulation to all who passed their tests today

CFSC has two new gold medalists from the test today. Kamryn Keller earned her senior badge in Moves in the Field (MIF), and Megan Cordle passed her last 4 dances and got her gold dance badge. We are very proud of you girls.
Senior MIF Kamryn Keller

Megan Cordle Gold Dance 2014











Congratulation to all other CFSC skaters who passed their tests this morning. Also congrats to their coaches and parents. It was a successful test session at OSU ice rink.

Also, the Club would like to thank Victor Farrow, who has come here to partner with our dancers in the past few years. Victor decided to retire after this test session and he deserves a big round of applause.

Victor with CFSC dancers 2014


Attention to all Holiday Competition skaters, coaches and parents

The registration deadline for Holiday Competition (Nov 10th) is quickly appoaching. If you have not signed up yet, please make sure to got to Entryeeze to secure your space.

We would like to reminder all the coaches, skaters and parents: When registering for the Holiday Competition, please remember that skaters must be CURRENT US Figure Skating members in order to compete. The membership year runs from July 1 through June 30.

If a skater is competing in any NON-basic skills event, including beginner levels, he or she must be a member of US Figure Skating. If your skater is not a current member, please contact Anne Cohen to secure membership.

If a skater is competing in any basic skills event, a current basic skills membership is sufficient. If the skater has been enrolled in group lessons any time after July 1, he/she is current and should indicate the program in which they are entered. If the skater is not a current basic skills member, please contact LeRae Nesbitt to secure basic skills membership, or Anne Cohen to become a full club member.