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Spring Exhibition

Are you ready to debut your new program?

CFSC is hosting its Annual Spring Exhibition on April 13th at 12:00 pm at the OSU Ice Rink.
Test programs, competition programs, exhibitions programs – all are welcome.
There is no cost to participate and no charge to attend, So, get ready to skate and bring your friends and family!
Your coach has already received the details. Be sure to let him or her know  you’re interested.

New Dance Gold Medalist

Congratulations, Amber Hunt!


Amber standing with Coach Annette Schaefer and judges.

Amber Hunt passed the Westminster Waltz, which was the last of her Gold dance tests.

Based on our tally, Amber is the 30th Gold medalist in Dance, in addition to about 110 Gold medalists in other disciplines – figures, free skate and Moves In The Field. Those impressive numbers reflect well on the history of the club, along with its skaters, coaches, and supportive parents.

March 16, 2013 Test Results

March 16th Test Schedule

The Test Schedule is now available.

(The Test Schedule was modified slightly after the initial posting. The final version was posted at 11:40AM 3/13/2013.)

Please Note: Unless you are in the first warm-up group, testers must be at the rink and prepared to skate one hour prior to their scheduled time. Additionally, there is a Women’s Basketball Tournament scheduled. Please plan for heavy traffic.